Eglomise Reverse Painted Snuff Bottles Set of 3 Natures

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A set of three snuff bottles, each a piece of art capturing the essence of nature. Painted free hand, from within using a delicate one-hair brush, the first bottle depicts birds gracefully perched on purple magnolia trees, their subdued plumage in harmony with the delicate blossoms. In the second bottle, a majestic waterfall cascades down a rugged mountainside, evoking a sense of tranquility. The third bottle showcases a vivid tableau of blue-feathered birds amidst begonias, and orange-feathered birds amidst white and red prunus blossoms, each scene bursting with life and color. Every stroke is executed with precision and care, rendering realistic images. Topped with natural gemstone agate lids, these charming bottles reflect great artistic brilliance.