Hand Painted Thangka Mandala Eight Treasures

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A finely hand painted Thangka with beautiful calligraphy in Sanskrit of the mantra Om. Mandala represents the pure and sacred space consecrated by the power of Buddha or other deities. Through concentrated meditation on the mandala, one learns the path to enlightenment and receives blessings in his/her surroundings. As a visual representation of a sacred space, mandala with mantra is a powerful method in achieving internal peace. The Mantra inscribed is “Om Mani Padme Hum”, which translates to "With open heart I invoke this path to experience the universality, so to break through all bonds and horizons".  Eight Tibetan treasures of Wheel, fish, knot, parasol, conch, vase, lotus, banner anchor the concentric circles, bringing good fortune in all aspects of life. Purple lotuses adorn the corners, highlighting the glorious mandala in the center. Thangka is finely painted and gilded by our master artist in Nepal. It is framed meticulously in jewel colored emerald and saffron silk brocades. Comes with dust cover and storage box. Height is of the thangka itself, excluding hanging ropes.