Hand Painted Thangka Jambahala

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A finely painted Tibetan Thangka featuring the five wealth gods Jambhala. In the center the most powerful Yellow Jambhala sits on a lotus throne in the vajra position with his right foot on a large conch shell and lotus flower. His left toes are tucked under the right foot. In his left hand a mongoose which spews forth precious jewels from its mouth, while in his right hand a robust bloom of lotus. Mandorla and halo behind him illuminating his divine power. Jambhala wears a fully embroidered robe that covers his body leaving the front torso bare. On the top are Red and Green Jambhalas flanking Shakyamuni Buddha in the center. The use of amethyst and turquoise colors enhance the already vivid depictions. On the bottom are White Jambhala which is depicted in pale rose and the Black Jambhala in blue lapis, both flanking a highly stacked amount of gold. Thangka is beautifully painted with jewel colors, and framed meticulously in superb saffron and Tibetan blue silk brocades of the highest quality. Comes with dust cover and storage box. Height is of the thangka itself, excluding hanging ropes.