Hand Painted Thangka Chenrezig Compassion

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A very finely painted, rare Tibetan Thangka featuring the God of Compassion Chenrezig, the male form of Avalokitesvara and Guan Yin in Chinese Buddhism. Seated regally dhyana asana on the lotus throne in the center of the mandala, Chenrezig is backed by illuminating mandorla and halo. He cups a bud of blue lotus in his front hands and a crystal mala (rosary) and an open bloom of lotus in the other set of hands. The rosary is used to count the repetitions of his mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, which liberates all beings from suffering. Wearing a dhoti that cinches at the waist, leaving his upper torso completely bare, showcasing jeweled bracelets and lariats. The soft skin of an antelope drapes over his shoulder, symbolizing peace and compassion. Four pink dragons surround the full circle mandala, symbolizing robust vitality and power of protection. The mandala, a space of purity and wholeness, radiates behind the God of Compassion, leading devotees to the sacred land of enlightenment and bliss. Thangka is extremely finely painted and gilded by our master artist in Nepal and meticulously framed in beautiful, fine quality white gold and burgundy silk brocades. Comes with dust cover and storage box. Height is of the thangka itself, excluding hanging ropes.