Hand Painted Thangka Buddha Shakyamuni

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An exquisitely hand painted Tibetan Thangka by one of our master artists in Nepal featuring Buddha Shakyamuni. On lotus throne above ocean waves and an altar bowl overflowing with flowers and treasures, Buddha gazes forward with a halo and illuminating mandorla behind. Blue hair neatly gathered atop the head, accentuated by a gold ornament gracing the crown. An urna rests between the eyebrows, above straight nose, all flanked by long earlobes. The bare right arm extends gracefully across the knee in the earth-touching mudra, while the left hand, with palm upward, holding a bowl. A saffron-colored patchwork robe, draping across the shoulders, gathers around his legs which are folded in the vajra posture, evoking a sense of grounded tranquility. Buddha is surrounded by White and Green Taras on the upper corners flanking Amitayus, while Sariputra and Mangalputra anchor the lower area. Painting is finely done with beautiful hues and extensive gilding, demonstrating artist's devotion and superior skill. Framed meticulously in white gold colored silk brocade. Comes with dust cover and storage box.  Height is of the thangka itself, excluding hanging ropes.