Hand Painted Thangka Celebration

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An exquisite hand painted Tibetan Thangka depicting 63 Buddhas with consorts and 5 protector Vajrabhairavas. Buddha seated dhyana asana on lotus throne at the center of the mandala in the hall of holy court, surrounded by Buddhas in all directions in stellate form. Within the revered circle in four corners Buddhas radiate light, echoing the main center Buddha, symbolizing the joy of enlightenment. Lotus petals and ocean waves form borders to the medallion symbolizing peace and abundance. Outside the circle in the heavenly garden, more Buddhas and consorts gather for the celebration, among them are fierce protector Vajrabhairavas manifested in blue and purple physiques in their fire alcoves. Stupas emitting aroma from incense, trees festooned with bejeweled necklaces, bowls full of fruits and blooming flowers add to the festivity of this important event. Mountain and oceans further highlight the beauty of heaven. This extremely detailed, one of a kind thangka painted celebratory scenes of heaven when Buddha achieved the ultimate enlightenment. Incredibly fine depictions with brilliant colors and meticulously gilded all around. Hand painted by master artist in Nepal, hand mounted in double brocade in auspicious Tibetan colors of blue and gold with cover and ribbons. Original wax seal of authenticity.