Hand Painted Thangka Green Tara Turquoise

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An extraordinary hand painted Tibetan Thangka featuring the greatest compassion Goddess Green Tara. Her round face with large kind eyes, above closed lips, all flanked by long pendulous earlobes. Wearing an elaborate crown, lariats, earrings, bracelets and feet ornaments. An embroidered robe loosely wraps around her arms, falling gracefully around the legs. Seated on a lotus throne with her right leg pendant on a lotus bloom, signifying readiness to spring into action. Tiers of lotuses flank Green Tara's naked bodice, in front of an illuminating mandorla and golden halo, highlighting her divine power. Under Green Tara seats White Tara, flanked by Amitayus and Nyamgyalma. The powerful alliance will relieve the followers from suffering, grant wishes and bring peace and harmony. This refined painting captures the glory of Green Tara by combining the typical iconographical setting with the most vibrant turquoise color. Fully gilded, hand painted by one of master painters in Nepal and framed meticulously in beautiful silk woven brocade. Wax seal by artist. Comes with silk brocade storage box and dust cover.