Hand Painted Thangka Green Tara w Mantra

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A finely gilded, hand painted Tibetan Thangka depicting the beloved Green Tara. Seated lalita asana, Tara has her right foot on a pendulous lotus in the motion of stepping down from the throne to provide aid. In her left hand a blue lotus floating over her left shoulder as a symbol of purity, while the right hand in the gesture of wish granting. Green Tara is Tara's most dynamic manifestation, with her color symbolizing youthful vigor and activity. A silky robe wraps around her body, revealing the jewel-adorned upper torso below her head that is decorated with large rosette earrings and elaborate crown. Behind her a golden halo and luminating mandorla emphasizing her divine power. The painting is anchored by the depiction of the Eight Tibetan treasures: conch, vase, fish, parasol, wheel, knot, lotus, and banner, which act as frameworks for the hand written Sanskrit mantra, encompassing all blessings in life to bring safety and good fortune. Vibrant colors and brilliant gilding. Fine depiction done by one of our master painters in Nepal. Framed meticulously in beautiful emerald and burgundy silk brocades. Comes with dust cover and storage box.