Hand Painted Thangka Gold White Tara

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An exquisitely hand painted Tibetan Thangka by one of our master artists in Nepal featuring the majestic White Tara. Seated Dhyana Asana upon a lotus throne, her ethereal presence is accentuated by her serene countenance and youthful visage, with downcast eyes conveying a sense of tranquility. With her right hand making the boon granting wishes, and her left hand holding the stem of a blue lotus in a protective stance, White Tara exudes a sense of benevolence and maternal care. Adorned in an elaborate crown symbolizing her divine authority, and draped in a silk robe that reveals her upper torso and arms, she is bedecked with jewels that sparkle against the celestial backdrop. Behind her, a radiant mandorla emanates light beneath a halo, while above, amidst the clouds, divine figures such as Guru Rinpoche, Shakyamuni, and Tsongkhapa watch over the scene. Beneath, are the benevolent deities Amitayus and Nyamgyalma, flanking an altar mounted with offerings of fruits and sweets. White Tara reigns as the mother of all Buddhas, her seven eyes symbolizing her omnipresence and compassionate gaze upon all beings, offering solace and guidance to those who seek her divine aid in overcoming life's obstacles. Painting is finely done with splendid hues and extensive gilding, demonstrating artist's devotion and superior skill. Framed meticulously in silk brocade. Comes with dust cover and storage box.