Hand Painted Thangka Kurukulla God of Love

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A sublime, rare Thangka of Goddess Kurukulla, the Red Tara, finely portraited by a master artist in Nepal. Kurukulla comes to the aid of love and relationships by compassionately leading the partners to the path of united harmony. In this special painting, Kurukulla dances with her right leg raised, treading upon a vanquished demon. Among her four hands, two draw an arrow and two hold a lasso and a flower-goad, enabling her to catch and subdue negative energies in order to provide protection. Wearing a tiger skin robe, adorned with a bejeweled crown and long necklace of heads indicating victory in vanquishing demons, she is surrounded by a blazing fire of exalted wisdom indicating her divine power, and she stands upon a lotus flower, demonstrating her primordial purity and enlightened superiority. Beautiful contrasting colors of velvet black and dark red, enhanced by brilliant gilding. Delicate, precise depiction rendering Kurukulla in a great sense of elegance. Thangka is framed meticulously in superb cognac and Tibetan blue silk brocades of the highest quality. Comes with dust cover and storage box.